Youth Unemployment And Its Effects On The Economy

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Shaima Saklou Mrs. Lauren Schuberth Mr. Kyle Burkett Level 9 Reading & Writing 22 February 2017 Youth in Unemployment in Saudi Arabia Unemployment is a phenomenon that occur in any country across globe. It considers as very essential topic because its effects on the country. The unemployment rate is one of the most prominent issues discussed today by politicians, news commentators, and economists. Therefore, higher unemployment rate between youth could affect the economy, politics, and other factors. Many countries across the globe spend a lot of time and effort trying to control the rate of unemployment and its growth within the economy. This is due to the fact that increased youth unemployment affects negatively the…show more content…
The first one is frictional unemployment which is the result of imperfections in the labor market is very common in all societies irrespective of their stage of development. The second one is the technological unemployment, which is the result of the lack of the skill of labor force and it is considering in the case of Saudi Arabia. Lastly, seasonal unemployment which takes the form of temporary lay-offs experienced through the labor force because the seasonal nature of their employment for instance , farmers are the main issue of this kind of unemployment. As well as, the people who work fundamentally through the Haj pilgrimage season are belonging same type. According to IMF indicates that the unemployment rate among Saudi nationals has reached 12%. The youth male (30%) and females (35%) are particularly affected by the country’s unemployment problem. The increasing unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia, specifically in youth, has made it important to understand the causes and impact of youth unemployment as well as investigating solutions. Therefore, this paper is going to investigate the following: - What factors that causes a higher rate of unemployment among youth in Saudi Arabia? - What the impact of youth unemployment in Saudi Arabia? - Why other countries for instance Qatar country has a lower rate of youth unemployment than Saudi Arabia? - What types of polices that Saudi government can do to
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