Youth Unemployment in Nigeria

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Youth Unemployment in Nigeria INTRODUCTION Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world with a population of 154, 729,000 citizens. Our nominal GDP is $207. 116 billion and we have a nominal per capita income of $1, 4011. Nigeria also has the second largest economy in Africa. If I may ask, is this country not blessed? Yet, it is still plagued by youth unemployment which had been one of our major problems in recent years. Both government and the private sector had discussed this issue at forums and conferences but have not found a solution to it. Its continued existence had been linked to lack of power supply and financial empowerment for youths. Youth unemployment in Nigeria is…show more content…
Property crimes include theft and other stealing, anned robbery, burglary, house-breaking, store-breaking, false pretence and cheating, forgery, receiving stolen property, arson and unlawful possession, Data from the Nigeria Police Force for recent years, shown in Table 3 below, indicate an increase in the occurrence of property crime in Nigeria. Considering the unpredictable nature of economy today, unemployment is something any of us may have to face at almost any point of time in our careers. The inflating world population, if characterized by a decline in its educated lot, can leave a huge number of people unemployed. The economic imbalance in society is one of the important causes of unemployment. The consequences of unemployment are many. Apart from adding to the economic imbalance of society, unemployment results in dissatisfied and frustrated individuals who are forced by circumstances to remain unproductive. Unemployment Causes and Consequences According to the Keynesian economic theory, unemployment results from insufficient effective demand for goods and services in an economy. Some believe that structural problems and inefficiencies in the labor market cause
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