Youth Unrest

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Brief overview of Student unrest in India India is also a country with a long tradition of student activism. The political demonstrations organized during the fight for independence saw the beginning of student unrest in India. Students participated in the independence struggle and thousands of students were arrested and put in jail because of their nationalist activities. There existed strong political student organizations on most Indian campuses representing not only the nationalists who were under the leadership of Gandhi, but also socialist, communist and communal elements. Until today, student organisations such as the All-India Sikh Students’ Federation in Punjab and the All Assam Students Union in Assam form the backbone of…show more content…
They trained a generation of nationalist leaders and gave ideological sophistication to many who later went into politics. The movement no longer plays this role, although the tradition of activism has not entirely disappeared, and may re-emerge if conditions in society seem favourable. In the case of India, the centrality of student movements when it comes to questions of youth unrest can be illustrated by a statement taken from a study sponsored by the Department of Youth Affairs of the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, in which Saraswathi (1988) states that “Youth unrest is taken to be student unrest [...]“. Causes for Youth Unrest: In India, youth revolts and students indiscipline are in reality overt expressions of the inner dissatisfaction of the younger generation at the manner in which the affairs of the country, and particularly their own future, is being handled or being jeopardised by the older generation. They observe that the persons who have assumed this authority have done so on the basis of a political system devised by them, in which education has not been given the utmost importance. They also witness the unedifying manner in which these very persons-legislators and political executives-periodically attempt to ride rough-shod over the restraints imposed on them by the Constitution and the judgments of the Supreme Court. It has instilled on them a growing belief that nothing is
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