Essay on Youth and Gun Violence

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Youth and Guns

Imagine being able to get your hands on a gun in your community with ease when you were younger. Sounds cool right? Well, to some it might and that’s how young children are living in our communities now-a-days. Kids are able to get guns as long as they have parents with guns or the money to buy one. There aren’t enough restrictions on guns & who can get a hold of them on the streets and parents aren’t doing a well enough job of hiding their guns from their children. Something needs to be done. Too many children and young adults are being injured and murdered by something that is supposed to protect them. The ease in which youths are able to possess guns needs to be stopped. The harder it is for kids to get guns, the safer
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Do you own a firearm in your home? Do you have children? If you answered yes to both of those questions, are u confident the gun is out of reach of your children? A quarter of youths in the U.S. said they have easy access to a firearm in their home. Dalton Taylor, a 10 year old fourth grader was shot and killed by a 12-gauge shotgun found in his house by him and friends. 82% of firearm suicides are committed by gun owned by a family member, usually parents. It’s not the parents or family members fault that these children committed suicide but if the guns were put away somewhere safe where only the parent or family member could access it, there’s a chance that they might still be here. It’s all a ripple effect. If you don’t conceal your firearms right, your child can get ahold of it. If your child gets ahold of the firearm, they could shoot or worse, kill themselves or someone else. Properly hide your firearms and there will be no gun for your child to shoot or kill anyone.
Studies show some parents underestimate their children’s experience handling firearms. That’s the biggest mistake a parent can make, especially in this generations time and day. There are so many ways for a young child to learn about guns; how to use them, where to get them, how much they cost, pretty much anything. Never underestimate what your child knows about anything. They’ll surprise you. They may not know about it because they wanted to know.

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