Youth in Crime Essay

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Melanie Requena December 3, 2012 Essay # 5 Stereotyping happens all the time, more than people seem to believe it does. Appearance, location, and race all deal with how people as well as police authority characterize individuals without truly knowing how that person is. Race is one of the biggest factors when it comes to criminalization because of what people see on the media and from what they are told. It usually is the younger generation that are viewed as criminals not only because of where they live and who they associate themselves with, or with what is seen on the media but also because some young people come from a family history of criminals. The issue here is that not all young people are criminals; but when living in…show more content…
The media is a source of contribution to how society believes that police figures should punish certain races because they believe that a certain race is more of a threat to them and their community than another race. In spite of the media and police authorities determining who are the main race/group of criminals; this does not take away from the other issue that youngsters face. Even though they come from a area of high crime rates, and/or come from the same racial background that is sought out to be a threat to others, a wide group of these youngsters are ones that are not involved in any act of crime, or gang, they go to school, and participate in community programs, but yet are still stereotyped as criminals because of their appearance. According to Rios who interviewed a boy named J.T. he states, "Despite actively avoiding delinquency and never being arrested or suspended, J.T. believed that sometimes he was treated worse than his delinquent peers" (143). J.T. also told Rios that even though he tried to stay away from trouble, authority figures often implicated him in the deviance and crime that his friends committed, (143). This was a boy who got good grades in school, had a mother who worked hard, who did what she could to discipline him well, and who participated in an afterschool program at the ESYC, but since he had friends who were involved in gangs, or other types of crime he was also seen as guilty. Many young boys try and avoid

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