Youths Social Institution Of Street Drug Trade

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Youths Social Institution of street Drug trade
“Detroit is one of the poorest big cities in the country. One in three people there are living in poverty.” (Bergmann 2008:39) Once a thriving city in the 1940’s, Detroit has transformed into one of the poorest cities in America today. Known for it’s glorious and well lavished establishments; restaurants, hotels, and local businesses were prosperous and fairly stable. Through out the late 1900’s Detroit’s economy made a turn for the worse. The initial period of economic hardship began in the 1950’s and 1960’s because of the movement of the auto industry to outside of the city. Workers from outside of the city filled many of the job positions and left young inner city workers with no hope in
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Because street drug trade is illegal in the United States this inferior practice, a life of dealing drugs, leads to negative economic practices and several social consequences.
The life of dealing drugs not only involves oneself, but it also involves family members and those who are close. Luke Bergmann experienced this first hand through his ethnographic studies of people living in Detroit that were actively involved in drug dealing. His studies discovered that many of the lives were centered on drug trade to make ends meet. This is because families had no job opportunities, so the parents take part in drug trade and the children only can follow in their footsteps. The dealing of drugs negatively affect the lives of individuals and families, Dude Freeman’s in particular. His mother, Jessie Lee, was separated from Dude at an early age because of gambling debt and the addiction to crack. (Bergmann 2008:90) Jessie’s sister, Ruby, had taken custody of Dude at an early age and eventually adopted him. Ruby herself had been apart of the drug trade herself. Her boyfriend who she had been living with, Marvin Robinson, was involved in the drug trade his entire life. His role in the drug trade often lead Ruby constantly moving from place to place. He was selling crack out of the house and Ruby moved because she wanted no part of it. During this time “Marvin had a lot of jobs but never kept them.” (Bergmann
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