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There has been a huge controversy recently with the YouTube Ad Boycott. The YouTube Ad Boycott is where recently massive brands like Pepsi, Walmart, and Starbucks have pulled their ads from Google Advertising after their ads were found on "Controversial/Hate Speech" videos by the mischievous Wall Street Journal. After ads were pulled from YouTube, Google took a massive drop in advertisement revenue. This also lead to all YouTube seeing a drop in the ad revenue. This has cause many to even leave the site.

Are these companies smart?

At the end of the day, the people in charge of companies call the shots and those choices can have great rewards or huge punishments. In this case, these companies will be facing punishment. YouTube gets over 30 million views per day! These companies are missing out on over 30 million people each day they could be advertising to
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Now that these companies are no longer using YouTube and Google to advertise, their competition, like Coca-Cola, has jumped at the opportunitie and has doubled it's money going into ads while Pepsi doesn't even have ads playing anymore. Most people now don't even watch TV and the internet maybe the only place they ever watch a comercial, meaning that now people are ONLY seeing Coke Ads and never see a Pepsi Ad. And thanks to YouTube putting it first on the Trending Tab, the only Pepsi Ad being seen on YouTube was the disaster Kylie Jenner Riot Commercial, which Pepsi deleted from their YouTube after it became hated with help of the Trending Tab. In fact, most companies who boycotted have seen drops in stock prices recently, which is huge in showing the power of YouTube Advertising.

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