Youtube : An Essential Pillar For The World Wide Web

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Imade Ojo Professor Kennedy English 075, Section 02 17 November 2015 YouTube YouTube is a global entity that serves as an essential pillar for the the World Wide Web. First established in February 2005, YouTube became one of the first easily accessible forms of communication and news. By the year 2010, billions of people were well acquainted with the site and were able to share their opinions with a seemingly unknown audience. Since its inception, YouTube has maintained its basic website layout in hopes of retaining its core audience. When you first look up the website a bold red box with a play button inside of it, pops up. Selecting this logo leads to the development of an intriguing website with a crisp white background that…show more content…
Though these videos were quickly taken down by the YouTube administration, the effect of posting such a video on a large platform helped information about the revolution spread like wildfire. On November 2006, Google acquired the rights to YouTube and engulfed it into it’s vast empire. Once this acquisition took place the basic format of the website remained the same, but the coding of the whole website changed. When looking at the websites code, no control is left to YouTube, all links point back to Google and any complaints with customer service is directed towards Google. With the change in overhead direction, YouTube moved slightly away from its communal interactivity and instead moved towards a more network position. Easy access to the latest music, movies, and live streams were removed and replaced with paid advertisement. YouTube still does provide a platform for anybody to become somebody and rocket themselves into a household name. With the acquisition of YouTube, Google has also started funding YouTubers, frequent users of the website who produce and appear in videos on the site with a large fan base. With the plausibility of making a career off of YouTube, the website has maintained its popularity and expanded its demographic. YouTube has now become the internet’s New York, a site where most people believe if they can make it there they can make it anywhere. The most central component behind YouTube’s popularity
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