Youtube : An Essential Pillar For The World Wide Web

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YouTube is a global entity that serves as an essential pillar for the World Wide Web. First established in February 2005, YouTube became one of the first easily accessible forms of communication and news, informing the masses about current events with rapidly updating videos. In present day society, YouTube has become a socializing agent that directly impacts the cultural and social practices of people all over the world. YouTube is able to beat its competitors by adapting to the changing times and fitting the evolving interests of it’s core demographic, thus rapidly spreading and creating new ideas and trends, continuously shifting social norms within various communities. Younger generations are often the driving force behind progression or cultural evolution and through the use of websites like YouTube, they are able to collaborate on ideas and share new innovations or trends. The younger demographics generally prefer YouTube’s website format over it’s competitors, because of its easiness of navigation and it’s graphically appealing design. When you first look up the website, a bold red box with a play button inside of it, pops up. Selecting this logo leads to the development of an intriguing website with a crisp white background that highlights the black word You and the white word Tube, singularly enclosed in a red box. The separation of these two words in the advertisement of the website heavily pushes the idea of interpersonal interaction. The bold Red used in
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