Youtube And The Working Of The Billion Dollar Website

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Abstract YouTube is the largest video sharing community that had been set up in 2005 by three former employees of pay pal. Since then YouTube has seen wild growth and has helped it’s present owner, ‘Google’ in earning a huge amount of money. By my term paper I would like to explore and reason the changes that took place in YouTube and the working of the billion dollar website. I would like to question the money making mechanism of YouTube, how it is done and how does it benefit all the people involved, such as the Uploaders, Viewers and Ultimately YouTube itself. Further I’ll display the rapid nature of growth of YouTube in recent years and talk about it’s acquisition by Google. The reason I chose this topic as the topic for my term paper was because YouTube and revenue generation by different people on YouTube interested me very much and I was keen on researching the topic. Apart from this we’ll also see the interview of a YouTube celebrity to know more about ‘how money is made’ , ‘on what basis they make money’ and ‘how much of it actually stays with the uploader’. And we’ll analyse all the date to form a rational opinion and conclusion that can sum up our findings. LITERATURE REVIEW “Distribution has really changed. You can make a record with a laptop in the morning and have it up on YouTube in the afternoon and be a star overnight. The talent on YouTube is incredible, and it can spread like wildfire. The downside is that it 's
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