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CS 121 – Pathways to Academic Success Unit 4 Library Assignment - Worksheet Learning Objectives You will: * Be able to find and log in to the KU Online Library * Be knowledgeable about navigating the Library site * Be able to conduct a search in the KU Online Library and limit results * Know how to select a specific database within the Library * Be familiar with ways to contact a KU Librarian for assistance Directions * Save and submit this Microsoft Word 2010 document as directed by your instructor. Type all answers directly into this worksheet. Note: Questions to be answered are in purple. * Carefully read and follow instructions in order to answer the questions correctly. Activity Your name:…show more content…
How many results to you have now? 256,516 * Now browse through some of your results (journal articles) by resting your cursor over the magnifying glass next to each title in order to see a summary of the article. * Choose one article that looks interesting and click on the Full text icon (either HTML or PDF) to display the entire article. * On the right sidebar notice the icons for printing, emailing, etc. Click on the Cite icon. * Locate the citation in APA format. It’s often not perfect, but you can easily edit it before you insert it in your reference list. (Keep in mind that almost all library databases will generate an APA formatted citation - required by KU instructors when citing your resources for papers.) * Copy and paste the APA style citation here. * References Freiberg, A., & Carson, W. (2010). The Limits to Evidence-Based Policy: Evidence, Emotion and Criminal Justice. Australian Journal Of Public Administration, 69(2), 152-164. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8500.2010.00674.x * Navigate back to the Online Library homepage (by repeatedly clicking on the back icon or by clicking on the tab at the top of your screen). * You just completed a Library search. Sometimes, however, it is helpful to focus your search up front – to a particular subject such as business, criminal justice, or nursing, for example. Or you may want to limit your search to books, or you could be looking for an overview of a topic. You can easily do this
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