Yu Chen And The White Man Behind The Poem Essay

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Yu-Chen and the White man behind the poem. A very interesting topic, the article focuses on a white man 's journey to publication in which he has to fake his name in order to have his poem receive recognition. Does the color of your skin matter? In what ways are the life experiences of an Asian American man more fascinating than a white American? Is the poem any good or is it just the writer 's image that is worth anything?

Option d: Ulitaritism What should I do? According to Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill we should live for pleasure because it is good. Good equals pleasure. Maximizing the good for "the greatest amount of good for the greatest number." Also, it was said that under this philosophy that everyone 's good is worth the same and it is all equal to another person 's good. Yu-Chen 's poem, published as Yu-Chen, was published with the greatest amount of good possible. By using an Asian name he drew attention to the Asian American community and that is good, right? But he is a white man and did it solely for his pleasure, and to see if he could. What he did wasn 't illegal, it wasn 't wrong but it bothered everyone because he was a "privilegalled" white man using an "underprivileged" name to get attention. This action shows the hypocriacy of judging someone on their lineage. Yes, this is American and a lot of things were done under the assumption that it was for the greatest good of the country, but not everything. Most every family in nation was the…

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