Yucaipa High School Case Study

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In Yucaipa High School; one of the very few high schools in Yucaipa, there contains Academies created to help students focus on a specific field of work such as the medical Academy. Yet there is no Business Academy offered to the student body; business being one of the most needed and job producing fields out of all of the career fields. One of the most simple solutions is to create an academy for business, or slowly working in business lessons into everyday classrooms, or at very least offer a class that teaches the basic business concepts.
Business is an essential part of life as one grows older, having a business academy put into Yucaipa High School will give the students who attend the high school a feel for how business works. Parents, students, and teachers all have a fair say on what should be taught at the school especially when it reaches the high school level of education. Once the realization of the true need and importance of teaching business at Yucaipa High School, teachers and district members will be eager to include the business academy into the offered curriculum.
It isn’t essential to have an academy of business (even though it goes without
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Many students are the first child or the first one in their family to ever go this far in their academics careers. Most parents lack the time or lack the understanding of business to properly teach their children how to safely and wisely handle their day to day business. Without a business academy Yucaipa is depriving the students of the only place where they will be taught to understand the tricky wording of a contact or how to buy their first car without the stressful atmosphere of college life or real life. With the students being financially naive their parents suffer the consequences of their actions; the less you know the more debt can be
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