Yucca Mountain Analysis

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The purpose of the interview was to find out what people outside the environmental health major thought about the Yucca mountain situation. For my part of the project I needed to inform people about the politics and the ethological sides of the problem and see after all the information if they believe the site should be used for nuclear waste. I decided to interview by three roommates because none of them are Environmental Health majors and none of them knew much about nuclear waste or Yucca Mountain. For each of the three roommates I asked them questions about previous knowledge, after I told them about Yucca Mountain I asked them how they felt about the politics, science and ethics involved and lastly asked them their personal feelings towards…show more content…
To start all three people had little to no know prior knowledge about nuclear power or how radioactive waste from power plants is disposed of. Alison was the only person who knew something about nuclear power and even her knowledge was misguided and showed just how uneducated Americans are on nuclear power and the effects it can have on the environment and human health. Another thing all three ladies had in common was that none of them knew how radioactive waste was handled in the Unites States. This shows that even if we know about nuclear power many don’t fully understand where waste goes and if we are properly disposing of it. Based on just a brief summary of why the government chose Yucca Mountain, before I mentioned all the political and ethical problems involved, they all decided that this site was a suitable option for the radioactive waste disposal. In addition all three ladies agreed that the decision to continue to use Yucca Mountain, even though evidence shows that it might not be as safe as originally planned, was based heavily on politics rather than science. When told that scientists found a chemical called Chlorine-36 in the…show more content…
These interviews will have a major impact on my decision because it shows how people not in Environmental Health perceive this specific situation. It showed me that most people believe this is not a suitable long term plan due to the fact that there are so many questions that are unanswered. It effects the way I would take into effect public opinion. Since none of the girls knew much about nuclear waste and how it was disposed of shows me that most Americans will have the same response. If we ask a bunch of people to vote about something they don’t know it could lead to even more problems and consequences. This will affect the way I would bring it up to the public because after this I believe that most people will not fully understand the scope of the problem and will not see that politics trumps science, and even though science proves one thing politicians will do what they want to do even if it’s not
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