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Due to Yugi exercising his nature of compassion, selflessness, and pacifism in the name of friendship throughout, he's made plenty of friends along his journey to find his partner's name and memories. Ever since he had put together his Millennium Puzzle, an Ancient Egyptian pendant housing the spirit of an amnesiac Pharaoh, and befriending said spirit, he's been eager to put his life aside to assist him. He's hardly petty or one to keep grudges, as he forgives easily no matter the crime, even if somebody has threatened his life or the lives of his friends. Yugi always sees the good in people, since his opponents certainly couldn't be that awful! Somewhat trusting to a fault and naïve at times, he's done some pretty dumb things such as hand over his Puzzle to a "fortune-teller" who ran off with it. Despite the smidgen of gullibility, he's very clever, especially when it comes to games. *********************************************. Board games, card games, video…show more content…
With the encouragement from his friends, Atem especially, his confidence grew enough for him to feel like he could face the world independent of his other self. Now, although Yugi isn't as stoic and confident as his partner, he remains an amicable, courageous fellow who, of course, loves all sorts of games and refuses to give up even on the brink of defeat. By default, he acts perky and friendly towards anybody that he meets. Furthermore, concerning his title as the King of Games, he's never by all means let it go to his head, being quite humble and modest instead due to feeling that he certainly isn't that amazing and significant. Not only that, although even if he isn't a stereotypical manly man, he's still a man with a strong heart and spirit, who never succumbed or became tainted by any evil. Then again, he's somewhat of a pervert, though, although what teenage boy
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