Essay about Yukl Leadership In Organizations 8e 2

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Chapter 1: The Nature of Leadership

1. What is the best explanation for so many different definitions of leadership?

a. scholarly nitpicking about trivial issues b. disagreement about what should be included in the definition c. little opportunity for rigorous scientific analysis d. leadership is a very old topic with centuries of definitions Answer: b.

2. What is the most common element in definitions of leadership? a. leadership is an authority relationship b. leadership is the ability to make good decisions c. leadership is an attribution made by followers d. leadership is an influence process Answer: d.

3. Definitions of leadership: a. are usually derived by systematic observation of leaders b. are only
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managing is not important for effective leadership d. leadership is important for the success of most managers Answer: d.

Chapter 2: The Nature of Managerial Work

1. Which was not found in most descriptive research on managerial activities?

a. the content of managerial work is varied and fragmented b. the pace of managerial work is hectic and unrelenting c. much time is spent on reflective activities such as planning d. many interactions involve peers or outsiders Answer: c.

2. The descriptive research found that a network of contacts and cooperative relationships is especially important to:

a. motivate subordinates b. implement change c. improve time management d. identify quality problems in the work Answer: b.

3. Which was not found by most descriptive research on decision processes in organizations?

a. most major decisions are made in an orderly, rational manner b. decision processes are prolonged for important decisions c. decision processes are often affected by organizational politics d. major decisions may involve a series of small, incremental choices Answer: a.

4. Planning in organizations is usually:

a. formal and detailed b. formal and flexible c. informal and detailed d. informal and flexible Answer: d.

5. Which type of managerial role usually requires the most time and attention?

a. entrepreneur b. spokesperson c. disturbance handler d. negotiator Answer: c.
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