Yuma Territorial Prison

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What was life in the prison like? Only few people can answer that question, but The Yuma Territorial Prison was not only a prison, it also had other activities which the prisoners could get involved in so they would not spend all day locked in a cell. For example a very important part of the prison was the famous Library which was built inside the Yum Territorial Prison. It was not a very fancy library, the prison could hardly afford books for the prisoners and for the people of Yuma to use. This library did not only help the prisoners but also other people who were not inmates as well. The library was filled with books once Madora Ingalls got people to donate books and raise money for new books. Another thing they would do to raise money …show more content…
I think this was very good for the prisoners because at least they had something to do, instead of being in a cell all day or having to deal with a harder job than that. Another job they had was that they had to dig holes under the prison so that the water from the Colorado River could flow underneath the prison and help keep everything and everyone cool during hot summer days even though they already had a cooling system, letting the water flow under the prison was a huge help at the time. The Colorado was a big advantage to the prisoners, this would provide them with water for them to be able to clean or take a bath when they were assigned to do so. Also they would allow them to make hand crafted items when every they had time to themselves, this meant they weren't working, also these hand crafted items were sold by the prisoners. These items they hand-crafted were sold on Sundays after they would attend free church services that were held at the prison (Yuma Territorial Prison Arizona's Version of Devil's Island, Arizona Leisure, Vacation guide). This did not mean the prisoners also had a hard time just like everyone else in life. Although the prisoners did not seem to think the same way, it they did not like living in the prison, this was inferred because the prisoners even had names they would call the prison. For example the prisoners would call it “Devil's Island” and “Hell Hole”. This was because it was not always all fun

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