Yun Sun-Do

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This poem was written in 1642 by Yun Sun-Do in Korea. I translated this poem since there is no other translation. Yun Sun-Do was an artist, musician, politician, poet, and author. He was exiled from the capital and had to spend the rest his life alone, not allowed to go out of his house. To forget his loneliness he referred the nature around him as his new friends and wrote a poem about it. The five friends he has around him which are: water, stone, pine tree, bamboo, and moon.
This poem relates to the novel Samurai’s garden because Yun Sun-Do, Matsu and Sachi all have nature as their friends and it is in their surroundings. Having friends of nature around Yun Sun-Do helped him keep his sanity like how Sachi and Matsu did by having their own garden. The friends of Yun Sun-Do helped him and it is helping Sachi and Matsu. Both characters can
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Also, all of Yun Sun-Do’s friends are in either Sachi’s or Matsu’s garden except for the moon. There is water and stone in Sachi’s garden and bamboo, pine tree, and water in Matsu’s garden. Matsu was lonely having no one in the house so he had nature as his friend. Matsu spent many years alone in the house having no one to talk and not much work, so he spent his time in his garden with the trees and flowers. Matsu trimmed trees, and planted and watered the plants and stayed a long time at the garden. He even stayed in the garden all day long after the storm ruined it. Staying with nature allows Matsu to be distracted, by playing with it as if it would be his real friends; Sachi also said that it was a way to occupy himself. Sachi and Stephen frequently described in the book that Matsu is most comfortable when he is working in his garden and talking about it. Showing that he was comfortable with it, like his companions. Also, Matsu lived far away from the town and there was hardly anyone near the place, also Yamaguchi isn’t close and he can’t just go there
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