Yvain The Knight Of The Lion

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In Yvain: The Knight Of The Lion, Chretien de Troyes shows how magic plays an important element in Yvain journey. Magic plays an important element in Yvain’s journey since it has positive and negative effects on his morals. According to Chretien de Troyes the magical items are similes, Yvain experiences numerous supernatural obstacles. Particular obstacle causes him trouble in countless various ways. Magic can’t truly be described, but can be shown. In the poem Chretien de Troyes shows how important the stone is If you’d like to sprinkle water From the bowl across that stone You’ll see such a storm that no Animal Will stay in this wood—every buck, Every doe, every stag, every boar And even the birds would run off, Because you’d see such lighting, And trees splintering And such rain, and smashing Thunder, That if you yourself can escape Without harm, without desperate Struggling, You’ll have better luck than any Knight who ever lived (quoted in Yvain 395-407) . The storm symbolized how important throwing water on statue declares a battle, and the king would just show declare a battle; this is weird phenomenal how he knows to battle, appears out nowhere. Yvain pouring the water shows that if hadn’t done he wouldn’t fulfill his cousin revenge. Chretien de Troyes shows how a person can be “more than what meets the eye”, telling us there a bigger picture; . When he meets the herdsman he saw the wild bulls and the giant herdsman who guarded them Such a huge
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