Yves Saint Laurent's Life Of Becoming A Fashion Designer

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Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Henri Donat Mathieu- Saint-Laurent, who is also known as Yves Saint Laurent, was born in Oran, Algeria on August 1, 1936. He was the only boy out of three children that were birthed to Charles and Lucienne Andree Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. As young child, Yves would create dresses for his sisters and mother to wear. He also enjoyed making little doll figures. The fashion world was a place of piece in Yves world of torture. In school he was often bullied due to be homosexual. When Saint Laurent was at the age of 17 years old his mother took him to Paris to officially pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion designer. He enrolled in to a stint fashion school, but that was short live when he won a design contest. Due to winning that fashion design contest he was given the opportunity to meet Vogue editor Michel da Brunhoff. Vogue was so impress with his designs that they not only took published his them, but Yves and showed the designs to a designer and fashion icon, Christian Dior. Dior loved the designs that were places upon him and hire the young Yves Saint Laurent had his design assistant for House of Dior. In 1960, Yves Saint Laurent would leave his positon as creative director for House of Dior to fight for the French military on the South of France. He later returned home and continued on with his fashion career. On June 1, 2008 Yves Saint Laurent passed away in his Paris home from brain cancer. He was 71 years of age.

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