Yvonne Daniels

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Yvonne Daniels, also known as the first lady of radio, is an influential women who paved the way for more women to become disc jockeys. In her 30 plus year career in radio she worked at WYNR, WCFL, WSDM, WLS-AM, WVON, WGCI-AM/FM , and WNUA. Daniels was an African American “broadcast pioneer”.
She was born in 1937 in Jacksonville, Florida, to Billy Daniels a jazz musician. Growing up she was always surrounded by music. She has said that her dad influenced her taste in music from an early age. He would play soothing blues and jazz tunes during her early life. When she was 17, Daniels decided to get her first radio job at a rhythm and blues station in Jacksonville. While at night she would sing at locals nightclubs. Daniels was popular for her
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Being brought to Chicago she was hired to do an all jazz show to directly compete with WYNER's rivals WCFL and their popular overnight DJ Sid McCoy. For years it was many nights of who had the better songs, and which jockey had better beats. Although the competition soon came to an end, when WAYNE went all news. Meaning they decided to only be a radio station for news, no music, or shows. Daniels soon found herself out of a job. Although through the many nights of competitive music spinning, Daniels left an impression on DJ Sid McCoy. After Daniels was laid off, DJ Sid McCoy convinced WCFL to hire Daniels and pair them together to do one radio show. The station agreed, making them one of the most popular and powerful duo music jockeys on air throughout the…show more content…
In 1964, WCFL went to a top 40 format, meaning become one of the top 40 radio stations. It was then that Daniels joined WSDM. At WSDM Daniels joined an all female on air staff. She along with Connie Szerszen, Cindy Morgan Danae Alexander, Linda Ellerbee, Dr. Cody Sweet, Kitty Loewy, Susan Payne, Janice Gears and Glorie June made up WSDM all female on air disc jockeys and host. WSDM then gained the nickname “the station with the girls”. Which didn't hurt during the 70s, due to the “liberation of women”. Yvonne Daniels drew in her audience night after night. Soon the station gave her the privilege to program her own music. She was the only jockey at the station with this privilege. From 7pm- 11pm you could find “Daniel's’ Den” playing jazz through the airway. She ended up dominating the night and consistently ranking No. 1 in the time slot. She stayed at WSDM until 1973, 9 years of Daniel’s
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