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Functions of Communications

Yvonne Roberts

Post University

The term 'communication ' originates from the Latin word communicare, which
Means to share or impart. When used as per its function, it means a common ground of
Understanding. Communication is the process of exchanging of facts, ideas and opinions and
A means that individuals or organizations use for sharing meaning and understanding with
One another. In other words, it is the transmission and interaction of facts, ideas, opinions,
Feelings or attitudes.

The functions of communication include controlling employee behavior, motivating employees, providing a release for emotional expression of
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3-Emotional expression – communication, provides a release for the emotional expression of feelings

and for fulfillment of social needs
4-Information – it provides the information that individuals and groups need to make decisions by transmitting the data to identify and evaluate alternative choices.

Spontaneous interactions spark a ‘grapevine’ of information shared through informal communication networks. Informal business communication should complement formal networks. Authentic and profitable relationships are solidified through this method. Sometimes, the informal atmosphere can result in casual and careless distribution of information. For this reason, all personnel should be especially careful about sharing sensitive information while communicating informally. Although written communication can also be informal, it should be appropriate to avoid legal and ethical issues.

Types of Informal Communication Informal verbal communication can take place during lunch breaks, hallway interactions and phone calls. Creative business communicators may deliberately include handwritten notes, text messages and anniversary recognitions and birthday cards to build rapport with their coworkers. Employees in any organization are
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