ZZZZ Best Company, Inc: An Analysis

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ZZZZ Best Company Inc.
This paper explores the ZZZZ Best Company which was begun by a 16 year old individual who was able to pull the wool over the eyes of many customers, investors and auditors. This paper will define the difference between review and audit when it comes to financial reports, comments on the procedures provided with regard to the management assertion of occurrence, verification of payments for jobs and how they can lead auditors to improper conclusion, the purpose of predecessor-successor auditor communications, as well as whom needs to initiate the communication and information that needs to be obtained. The paper also addresses the limitations of the confidentiality agreement and how and when
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The successor auditor is the auditor who is considering accepting or has already accepted engagement with the new firm. Communication between the predecessor and the successor is important. This information can bring about many issues such as “the predecessor auditor and the client may have disagreed about accounting principles, auditing procedures, or similarly significant matters” (, 2013). The successor auditor should initiate the communication with the predecessor. The reason behind the successor auditor initiating the communication is to obtain valuable information that can lead to whether or not they should accept the engagement. The successor auditor may only request reasonable information to the predecessor auditor pertaining integrity of management, disagreements in accounting principles, auditing procedures, and or other significant matters. In addition, successor auditor can establish communication with audit committees or other with equivalent authority regarding “fraud, illegal acts by clients, and internal control related matters” (, 2013). There are laws of confidentiality that the predecessor must abide by. The predecessor must maintain confidentiality at all times. Due to this confidentiality laws
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