Zach : The Hero Of The Story Is Dying

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During the first pages of The Game, Zach, the hero of the story is dying. He suddenly wakes up and is in the body of a seventeen-year-old. This is because Zach lives in a world called Tygon, where at young age children are put into “The Game”. Zach is one of the lucky players who started as an orphan when all of the sudden he rockets into one of the top positions. He is picked up by a patron (sponsor), Brandon Strayne, the maker of The Game. Zach is seventeen and is turning eighteen in a few weeks, and he has two choices, he could play it safe and retire in a really good position, or he could risk it all and retire in the number one spot. This has only happened eleven other times in the thirty years of The Game. George Knight was an…show more content…
Stephanie is Trew Radfield 's eternal. Her job is to make sure he stays safe his entire life, in the game that is. During the first years of Trew’s Life he is “a happy, healthy boy. He is learning religion and eastern spiritualism. Teachers and neighbors all like young Trew; his charisma is high. He’s a natural leader.” Trew is nine now and is going into Karate for his test to get his blue belt; there he runs into an eight-year-old girl from an American dojo. She is really good and is looking for a good sparring partner, her name is Danielle Benton. At age thirteen Danielle and him video chat all the time. They also read George Knight’s book together over video chat. At age fifteen Trew plans a surprise to visit Danielle on her fifteenth birthday; she was so happy to see him. By the time Trew is sixteen he had broken up with Danielle and has a new girlfriend named Jane. Danielle and Trew have been talking less since he got with Jane because he says it’s hard for him to get anything done around her. Trew and Jane went to a swim party together at a friend’s house one day after school. Trew was told that Jane went to get ice cream for the party, but when he went to the bathroom he saw that she was making out with someone else. He wasn’t too hurt since they had only been dating a month, but that is when he realized that Danielle was the only one that gave him a “tingle” when they kissed, he needed her
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