Zachary: A Case Study

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Per Reporter: Anna has primary custody of Zachary. Zachary is scheduled to visit his father (Michael) every other weekend and a month during the Summer. Zachary is lucky if he gets to see Michael: he has seen Michael twice this year. Michael picked Zachary up 11/21/17 at 11:45am. Michael lives in a three-bedroom apartment. Zachary was hit in the face with a baseball bat 11/25/17. According to Michael, it was an accident; however, Zachary did not receive medical treatment. Michael stated that he didn’t receive medical treatment because it didn’t appear to be crooked he would be okay. Zachary returned home the afternoon of 11/26/17 eaten up severely by bed bugs from head to toe. Zachary stated that he slept on the couch while at Michael’s home.
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