Zachary's Journey

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When the soldiers had fixed most of the buildings that had been destroyed in the bombing a man that would serve as Adam's puppet was put into power. The British soldiers bordered the same planes they had arrived on and returned home where they were allowed to spend four weeks with their families. The moment that these four weeks came to an end the soldiers left Great Britain once again, and they arrived in Spain the next day. After Adam conquered Portugal he spent four decades taking over every country in Europe except Belarus and the Ukraine. Before he could give the order to send soldiers to Belarus Adam had a stroke that let him paralyzed from the neck down. Adam only lived for three months after his stroke due to the fact that eventually he lost the will to live, and he refused to eat.…show more content…
Unlike his father Zachary didn't have the fear of a nuclear attack to gain the country's respect so he spent an entire year exerting his power over the people of Great Britain. During this year a rumor about a powerful sorcerer that lives in the country of Greenland spread through the United Kingdom. On December 28th three members of a rebellion whose main goal is to overthrow Zachary commander a small plane and start making their way to Greenland. Once they arrive at their destination the weather takes a turn for the worse. The pilot can't see anything other than than the snow on his windshield, but he tries to keep his cool. The wind grows in strength causing the plane's right wing to snap off. The pilot loses control of the plane, and the members of the rebellion began to plummet to the
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