Zacharys Story Essay

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Shandi Marie wiemer
Unit 6: Case Study 1
Zachary’s Story.

1. An ulcer starts by eroding the mucosa of the G.I tract wall. What functions of digestion or reabsorption might be lost if this layer is no longer functional? What functions will be compromised if the ulcer eats through the submucosa and then the muscularis?

Absorption would not happen correctly because some of the ingested and secreted may seep out of the lumen. This could also create a pathway of entry for pathogens, if the ulcer ate its way through to the muscularis mucosa and lose some control of defecation.

2. If Zachary has a peptic ulcer affecting his stomach and or duodenum, which components of the peritoneum will be affected?

If the ulcer eats a hole into the wall
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5. If Zachary’s only normal digestive enzymes come back from his mouth, what substances will he be able to digest?

Zachary will only be able to digest starch because even though food is swallowed too quickly for all starches to be broken down in the mouth, salivary amylase in the swallowed food continues to act on the starches for around another hour, then the stomach acids inactivate it. Zachary can also digest triglycerides because the enzyme secreted by lingual glands in the tongue start to break down but does not activate until the bolus reaches the stomach.

6. What do you think the ultimate fate of Zachary’s pancreas would be if the hepatopancreatic ampulla continued to be blocked? What do you think would happen to the liver and then eventually to the rest of Zachary’s body?

Because of the excessive pancreatic juice and bile Zachary’s pancreas will not be able to function correctly, this will result in a blockage of the secretions that will continue to build causing further damage and inflammation. Zachary will end up with extrahephatic jaundice due to the blockage of bile drainage and he will become malnourished and lose weight.

7. What enzymes has Zachary’s body been unable to use because of the blockage of the hepatopancreatic ampulla? What are the specific molecules these enzymes work on?
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