Zadco's company was founded in 1977 was the goal of the company is the Upper Zakum development on

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Zadco's company was founded in 1977 was the goal of the company is the Upper Zakum development on behalf of the Abu Dhabi national oil company (ADNOC) and for shareholders in the joint venture. The policy of zadco function is that the company is committed to quality performance and are mandated within the framework of the business strategy of the partners involved, and pursue their goals through the implementation of all operations within international standards. The company always strives to achieve its objectives actively through • Giving priority on health, safety and environment function in full compliance with legal requirements and all applicable standards by ADNOC group of companies and also in health and safety management system…show more content…
Maintenance staff • maintenance personnel who contribute to the success of our business and the continued success and development. Exemption from service and retirement • help employees choose the right job for them and the company's interest, retirement at the end of their careers in zadco. The company has about 30 nationalities from different cultures and races demonstrating cultural diversity at the company, with the alnshaga to understand and respect different values and cultural values. Health and safety policy Zadco's policy gives utmost importance to the safety of all individuals and the preservation of the environment in accordance with the rules of ADNOC and the origins of professional practices and federal and international codes and best practices in the industry. This policy depends on the confidence that the goals for health, safety and the environment is as important as the rest of the other core business objectives. In the areas of health, safety and environment: • Ensure that all employees of the company or employees of contractors have been informed by the policy statement on health, safety and the environment and their role and responsibility in regards to health, safety and the environment making them officials and accountants. • Ensure that the contractors health and safety management system and the environment adopted in zadco. • Management of
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