Zaelith's Dialectical Journal

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Everyone was silent for a long moment, until one man -- the same one who had spoken before -- broke the silence. "Yep. Saw that comin' too."

The rest of the crowd rolled their eyes at the terrible pun. Even Zaelith, once she finally began to find her breath again. She recovered just in time to lose her breath in a startled squeek when a pair of hands grabbed her arms from behind, forcibly pulling her back on her feet. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed her assailant to be the mustachioed innkeeper, his paternal countenence twisted with lustful intentions. Even as her unwilling host recoiled in horror, Zaelith reasserted her control over the body and offered the portly old man a mischevious smile, playfully sticking out her tongue
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She groaned lewdly as she felt his fingertips brush up against the puckered ring of her ass, teasing the tender hole with a small, circling rhythm. The hand pulled away for a moment, and when it returned the digit was covered in something warm and wet. Saliva, she figured. Her body tensed up as she felt the finger pushing up against the opening, wiggling back and forth as it sought to penetrate the virgin hole. Zaelith had always enjoyed the feeling of a thick cock pounding her from behind, stretching her ass and filling her bowels with a hot load of cum, but this woman had obviously never tried it. Her body was instinctively clenching up, trying to push out the invading finger and turning it into an almost painful experience. Well, if Zaelith had anything to say about it this body would be a perfect fucktoy by the end of the night, ready and willing to accomodate a man in any…show more content…
Her butt-loving friend grabbed her by the wrists, holding her arms straight out behind her to keep her locked against his dick. He eased forward, the crown of his rigid cock slowly, achingly pushing through the tight, brown star of her ass. Zaelith was right about the pain. She could hear her unwilling host's thoughts shrieking in protest as the tight tunnel was forced open, and even she was having some second thoughts as the burning pain shivered up the woman's spine. Still, she had gone quite long enough without the satisfaction of feeling her butt stuffed with cock. The Forsaken priestess endured, and soon his entire, throbbing length was engulfed by the warm, welcoming embrace of her
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