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COURSE UU200: Ethics and Governance MODE (FACE-TO-FACE or DFL) Face-to-face YOUR NAME Zafiya Shamim YOUR ID NUMBER S11079316 YOUR TUTOR’S NAME Ms Smita Singh TUTORIAL DAY AND TIME Friday, 11-1pm ESSAY NUMBER AND TOPIC 4, Should there be law against adultery DECLARATION: I declare that this essay is my original work. Due credit has been given to all sources I used. Signature and Date: 15/04/15 Love is patient, love never fails and adultery was understood to be destructive in the earliest days of civilization, thus earning its own ‘Thou Shalt Not’. Adultery literally refers to married persons having sexual intercourse with someone other than their lawful spouse.…show more content…
Sometimes some may convince themselves that an affair might even spice up a marriage thus be considered a marital bliss. Whilst some people consider it as a sign of weakness and as exceptionally deceiving. I strongly believe that the inability to be loyal and faithful to a spouse is due to weakness of character. Adultery shatters the trust, intimacy one has for each other; it also breaks up families, homes, ruins a number of lives and leaves a path of endless pain and destruction of a personal reputation. Adultery in Islam has said to be one of the most heinous and deadliest of sins. It says in the Qur’an: “And come not near unto adultery. Lo! It is an abomination and an evil way” (Hussein, 2010). Muslims believe no adulterer is a believer when they are committing adultery. Similarly, adultery has never been accepted in Hinduism and even today the Indian society treats it as a wrongful deed. According to the Vishnu Purana: “if a man commits adultery, he will be severely punished in this birth as well as the next birth” (V, 2011). They are against adultery because of moral and social reasons. Also, Christians strongly believe that “You shall not commit adultery” (Biblos, 2013). Furthermore, South Korea was one of only three Asian countries to still criminalise adultery, alongside Taiwan and the Philippines. All European nations have decriminalised adultery (Anon., 2015). And, while it is not considered

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