Zaha Hadid : Architect With Curves As Strong As Steel

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Zaha Hadid - Architect with Curves as Strong as Steel Architecture is among the few careers that are usually considered male dominated sectors. This is because there are very few if any, ladies that have taken the trouble to dare venturing into this well rewarding but involving discipline. Zaha Hadid is the pioneer woman architect who rose to challenge the chauvinistic attitude regarding the gender affiliation to certain careers. The Iraqi-Briton lady, born in Baghdad in 1950 was until her death known for her sweeping curves and ravages that were exorbitant among other architectural works. Although her initial years were really tough as she had to work extra hard even to have her first design built, she relentlessly fought to put her unique designs on the map across the globe in the early 1990s. Zaha Hadid left a rich legacy, which will take eons to break as she was the pioneer female architect to be awarded the protuberant Pritzker Prize. This was after she had showcased her splendid artwork meant for the construction of the famous Opera House found in Guangzhou, China together with the Aquatics Center, which was used for the first time in the London Olympics in 2012. This research paper delves in her life history as an architect with curves as strong as steel, her accomplishments as well as her disappointments. Zaha Hadid’s determination and talent Zaha Hadid was brought up as any other normal child despite the fact that her dad was among the high ranking officials in the

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