Zalminis And Larisarah : A Story Of The World

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It is massive, taller than twenty stories, wider than several sports stadiums and extending from one tree line to the other. It is sitting perpendicular to the wall Selison is standing on as well as the crowd behind him. No one says a word but everyone looks up the mammoth metal monster. The only one that can look away is Jade as she looks up to Selison. She can’t hold back a joyous grin at the sight of Selison’s huge smile. Zalminis and Larisharah have similar expressions upon seeing the familiar ship. With its design looking like tubes of all sizes welded to more tubes and small windows lining the sides on all levels of the ship they can each recall the first time their father took them on one of these cruisers. Inside are countless…show more content…
Questions without answers are asked between people with no knowledge of the situation. Just then another vibration emanates from the hulking ship but this one is different. This vibration is not from the ship itself but instead is from something inside of the ship. The vibration is low and almost inaudible but it rattles through everyone’s bones.
“Here they come,” Selison whispers to Jade as he squeezes her hand without taking his eyes off of the ship.
The two of them watch as Larisharah walks back out into view of the cameras. She holds still a moment with her ax running along her shoulder blades. She scans the crowd several times before looking to her brother. Selison gives her one final nod, allowing her to turn back into the ship and motion to an unseen group. She then begins to walk down as the whole world shares in the greatest moment of human history.
Following Larisharah is a group of Chaosns with varying colored wings. The first twenty or so have a slight amount of armor on but nothing akin to a full suit, mostly just an arm and their shoulders with sparse material on their legs. After them come more people without armor but still just as ferocious. They all appear to be in between their mid-twenties and mid-thirties and they all have weapons drawn. Swords, spears, axes, halberds and other “medieval” weapons of all sizes glimmer in the lights of the ship, humans and the moon. The thing that has people most abuzz is that there are women

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