Zanzibar Research Paper

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In Zanzibar, Tanzania there is a legend, or some would say a myth, about a local street called 'Iilaa Aljahim, which had giggling children that never came in reach of sight. There are many local stories that go around about this street, such as, ´this touched me!´and ´I swear I heard it!!´ ,and so forth. However, there was never proof that this particular street was haunted by these children, except for the peculiar account of Naqi Hlu.
Naqi Hlu was a girl of great spiritual strength. She believed there was a lot of good in the world, with only a small bad. She was daring and confident in her lifestyle, causing her to be mischievous at times. ¨God is always there to protect me” was her motto for life, so she believed no matter what trouble
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He grins and unties you from the chair you are bounded to. You feel something in you, a feeling you’ve never felt before. Is it hopelessness? Is it defeat? Whatever the feeling is, you embrace it and take a step into the blinding darkness of the mysterious atmosphere. The floor feels like ink on your feet the feeling of having enough potential to do anything you wish wavering inside of you. You glance up, discovering a circle of light which seems unreachable. A cold chill runs down your spine as you feel your hand grabbed by the strange boy. “My dearest Wairtafaeat Wahida, you feel you have potential.” The boy giggled, “ And indeed you do…” He vanishes from your sight as a soft voice whispers,…show more content…
She stood to walk, but found that she was strangely chained to the wall. Because of being in this particular circumstance, she looked around the nursery frantically, seeing if she could find a way to free herself. Only finding great failure, she was startled by the appearance of two children; one of which was a boy, and the other, a girl. The girl was the same one Naqi had seen before losing consciousness, but the boy had never been seen before. The girl stepped forward. “So, you are the one called Naqi. I see. I am called Wairtafaeat Wahida, and my elder brother is called Alshshaytan Yartafie.” Wairtafeat then took a silver necklace from her neck, the pendant in the shape of an alligator. She took the sharp point and proceeded to cut Naqi’s arm, collecting a bit of Naqi’s blood before putting the necklace back on. Wairtafeat giggled, then spoke, her voice almost sounding of one that would come from a snake. “YOU ARE NOW MINE!” Wairtafeat Wahida took Alshshaytan Yartafie’s hand, and they lunged towards Naqi Hlu with sharp, bared
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