Zapatistas Orozco Analysis

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Jose Orozco was an influential social realist painter who painted his most celebrated murals after the Mexican Revolution. His murals (and other Mexican artists’ work) inspired the political programs by Franklin D Roosevelt, in the United States, to encourage the employment of unemployed Mexican artists through the development of the Public Works for Artist Project that was under the Work Administration Program. Orozco did not glorify the Mexican revolution or its rebel leader Zapata and his peasant followers, Orozco, however stayed true to his art style by creating symbolic and caricaturist images which depicted the struggles and suffering of Zapata and the Zapatistas (his followers). In the painting, Zapatistas, Orozco depicts Zapatista and his peasant followers going into their last battle in Morelos. In Morelos, Zapatistas lost many of his followers and also succumb to his injuries and died. The painting’s scene may have…show more content…
As a result Zapata joined the resistance by campaigning rights for all villagers, but was then arrested due to his actions. After being pardoned Zapata continued his work and recruited a group of followers called the Zapatistas. Zapata then asked President Madero to reform the land that had been taking away from the villagers, but in response President Madero offered that the Zapatistas put down their arms and in return Zapata would get the currency to buy back the land himself, which Zapata instantly refused. As a result, after the assassination of President Madero by General Victoriano, who soon replaced him as President, he offered Zapata to unite their troops. Zapata unsurprisingly refused the offer. Since Zapata refused the offer, later in 1914 the Zapatistas were able to drive of Huerta and his troops out of the country and finally gain the justice they were fighting
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