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ZAPP book report 11/24/09 ZAPP The Lightning of EMPOWERMENT, by William C. Byham Ph.D. and Jeff Cox presents a story of different problems that managers/supervisors face and how they deal with the problems. The book shows how an autocratic supervisor would deal with a problem compared to a participative supervisor would handle the problems. The story shows the contrast between a supervisor that ZAPPS (empowers) her employees and a supervisor that SAPPS his employees by his interactions and management style with the employees. The author takes a fictitious workplace that probably resembles many work environments that we have all experience at one time or another. ZAPP The Lightning of EMPOWERMENT is about the complexity of human…show more content…
Lucy used the four basic steps that are the ground work for ZAPPING her employees, the steps are Enhance Self-Esteem, Listen and Respond with Empathy, Share Thoughts and Feelings, Encourage Involvement. It has been my experience working in a management position that listening and responding with empathy is the most important step in the process of creating ZAPP. Employees want to know that they are being heard, that their concerns are taken seriously and that the management and the company care about the employees. I believe that employees seek to have 3rd party representation such as a union when they feel their voice is not being heard. Open, honest and respectful communication will go a long way towards maintaining the relationship between the company and its employees while avoiding the need for a third party to represent the employees. The other important aspect to the story is the power of SAPP. SAPP occurs when employees are not getting the encouragement or involvement from their supervisor. The Byham and Cox emphasize how small things that supervisors do or say can have negative effect on the employees in the work place. Thus comes the term SAPP. When employees lose the enthusiasm and desire to excel or move forward in the work place, they are considered to be SAPPED. Supervisors and managers must be careful when communicating with their employees to prevent

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