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Zappos Case Study 1. Draw and describe the customer benefit t package that Zappos provides. Identify and describe one primary value creation, one support, and one general management Process you might encounter at Zippos. The customer benefit package Zappos provided to their customers is the” Deliver Wow through Service” for customers who ever order from Zappos , and they also provide free shipping in both directions for all their purchases and they often give customers free upgrade surprise and 360 return day policy. 2. Explain the role of service encounters and service management skills at Zappos. How does Zappos create superior customer experiences? The way Zappos create superior customer experiences is by making sure that…show more content…
OM Quality: Customer services are what make Zappos special. Call center employees don’t use scripts and aren’t pressed to keep calls short. Shipping and return are free. Zappos also has a very liberal return policy. It will take returns for up to 365 days without asking questions. If Zappos warehouse is out of a pair of shoes a customer wants, Zappos will e-mail the customer links to the other website where the shoes are for sales. It also has the fastest site on the Web OM Management: Zappos has an informal structure organizational structure. The structure follows a different method. The informal structure identifies key positions of management within the organization. Zappos has developed an organizational culture that creates a positive, fun working environment. Strong cultures lie Zappos emphasize teamwork, allow risk taking, encourage innovation and make the people of the team top priority On page 42, answer Problems and and #3. (For #1, your picture can be text-based with simple arrows). Activities #1: Describe a value chain based on your work experience, summer job, or as a customer. Sketch a picture of it (as best you can). List suppliers, inputs, resources, outputs, customers, and target markets similar to Exhibit 2.1 or using the pre- and postproduction paradigm,

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