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V-236 2/12/14 Case 1 Zappos has 10 different commandments that they abide by on the everyday basis. There are two commandments that stand out in my opinion that would influence the way employees do their work. Be adventures, creative and open minded. Giving the employees the ability to take risk when doing their normal day task. For example, the call center workers are promoted to try new things to make the customers feel delighted and appreciated. Where as some jobs that offer a call center have their employees on a scripted dialogue, almost making them sound like robots. I think Zappos has faith in there employment by giving the employees an encouragement to make misstates because they are only going to learn from them.…show more content…
Everyone in the whole company goes through this training regardless of what your rank is and what you do for the company, its mandatory. Then at the end of the four-week training process the whole class is given an offer for $2000 to quit. This whole process of two interviews and training helps Zappos maintain their culture. The right culture with the right values will always produce the best organizational performance. I agree 100% with this statement. There are three things that culture implies; perception, descriptive, and the different backgrounds that individuals have, which are the shared aspect of culture. The perception defines what the employees experience in the work place and how they are treated. If the employees are treated fair and are encouraged to reach new heights with no fear of making a mistake, then in my opinion they would actually try harder. The descriptive implies how the employees feel about the culture of the company, not if they agree with it or not. So if companies have a welcoming environment more people will be intrigued to work for a company with strong cultural values. Getting together the right people for the culture that you want your company to retain is critical. Having the employees in a state of mind where they are comfortable to express themselves while meeting there goals would make any business perform at its best. Other companies could learn a lot from Tony Hsieh

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