Zappos : Delivering Consumer Satisfaction

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Zappos: Delivering Consumer Satisfaction In the year 1999 “Zappos” an online sales company was formed. A company formed from exhaustion and frustration, yet has stood the test of time. For almost a decade, the company’s structure, its core values, business ethics, style and goals are cutting-edge. Ferrell, O., Fraedrich, J., & Ferrell, L. (2013). Explained, “Providing the absolute best customer service online not just in shoes, but also in any category” (p.478). Zappos believes the company success originates from its business ethics. Much of company’s principal are focused on consumer’s satisfaction. This ethic facilitated in constructing the company’s foundation and core values. In business, ethics refers to the principles of correct performance. The board of directors often establishes these principles. Members of the corporation are expected to abide by and maintain set principles when dealing with employees, consumers, retailers and the public as a whole. One of the benefits of upholding high ethical principles increases consumer satisfaction. This will lead to repeat patronage from the consumer, including valuable word-of-mouth testimonials of the company to other possible consumers. Good business ethics contributes to Consumer satisfaction. Good ethics require that a sales associate should help consumers find the most suitable merchandise for their needs. Not essentially the merchandise that would yield in the highest income or highest gain for the company. By

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