Zappos: Delivering Happiness

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1. How would you define Zappos’ target market, and how would you describe its strategy to serve this market?

- Zappos’ target market would be mainly online shoppers. Although previously they would only be targeting customers in search of footwear, they recently expanded their product line to apparel, accessories and even home goods therefore expanding their target market significantly. The Zappos’ customer is not usually price sensitive and usually has a higher disposable income.

2. Has Zappos’ emphasis on customer satisfaction contributed to its profitability? Explain.

- Zappos’ emphasis on customer satisfaction has greatly contributed to the company’s profitability. “Zappos believes that great customer service experiences
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“Zappos does not compete on price because it believes that customers will want to buy from the store with the best service and selection. The company strives to create a unique and addicting shopping experience, offering a wide selection of shoes, apparel, accessories, and home products, free shipping to the customer, free shipping and full refunds on returns, and great customer service

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