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Zappos | Strategic marketing Assignment 2 Develop marketing strategy | | Tutor name: Bronwyn HIGGSTutorial Time: Wednesday 10am-11amTeam member:Geyang Chen (355513) | Xiaofei Meng(387415) | Sitong Liu (387468) | | | Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 2 2.0 Marketing Objectives 2 3.0 High-level Strategic Alternatives 3 4.0 Marketing mix strategies 5 4.1 Product Strategy 5 4.1.1 Current product/service development 5 4.1.2 Future Service Development 6 4.2 Price Strategy 7 4.2.1 Factors Affecting Pricing Decision 7 4.2.2 Tactical approach 8 4.2.1 Long-run response 9 4.3 Communication…show more content…
Company would like to think that it stands apart from the competition. The appropriate method is to create a product or service with sufficiently distinctive attributes. Generic strategies: The differentiation of products builds high uniqueness out of other competitors. The differentiation of services enhances brand involvement and satisfaction with Zappos. Competitive strategies: When Zappos think about how to handle the competition, market signalling is a smarter approach. Recall that, normally the higher the level of competition, the riskier the company is. Strategies for sustainable competitive advantage often attempt to minimise competition. Hence Zappos could provide indirect indication of intentions or promotions instead of offensive attacks. As a result of signalling, competitors are expected to stop offensive moves

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