Zappos Is A Service Company

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Zappos is a service company that sells products by a core competency focusing on accessible shopping via electronic commerce and effective customer interactions. Company revenue was spent to improve customer experiences at the cost of expensive and inefficient warehouse and product lengthy return windows. Zappos’ service quality emphasised, “the wow factor” to their customers, by under promising and over delivering with effective supply chain management. The company had a reliable website infrastructure that utilized Henderson, Nevada’s online servers for quicker online transactions and consistent 24/7 customer service support via toll free telephone operators. Zappos posted a large selection of shapes and styles of shoes to match a variety of consumer taste. The company dealt with less physical constraints such as shoe store inventories and stocking floor space. Zappos took advantage of the weakness of brick and mortar locations by including a large selection of goods with the convenience of merely shopping from home through the internet.
The process of shopping for a shoe, getting detailed information, and purchasing it was quick and reliable. Several customers enjoy the ease of access to a host of fashionable and trendy products specifically catered to their size, taste, and quality. Furthermore, Zappos extended the company’s product mix after customer feedback and employee enthusiasm highlighted an opportunity to gain a bigger share of the U.S. consumer base. Zappos

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