Zappos Objectives

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Since was founded in 1999, it was destined to be the most selling online shoe firm in the globe. The main reason for this success is the way the company manages its employees and that it always remembers its mission statement. Its success is mainly due to the focus it has on who it is selling its products to, rather than what it is selling. mission statement is " to provide the best customer service possible." Employees also call it the wow statement and has been the key factor for quick success in a global scale. This mission statement has helped with employee retention because the company goes through many steps to find objective based employees which clearly fit the company 's profile. They do mention…show more content…
This gives the company satisfied customers who speak to people who are knowledgeable of the product, and who can help them with a more detailed solution to their problem. It also keeps employees happy, because they can see they are given priority for their hard work, over saving money. Employees express their hard work every day because they know they are a valuable asset for the company to perform well. Employees of are required to help customers purchase the product they want even if it is not for sale at This is a clear example of how far the company and its employees go to achieve their goal of delivering the best customer service experience. The number one objective of the company has been to create a great company culture, and the rest will all fall into place. as mentioned before, how the company trains, treats, manages, and even talks to its employees has been the main reason for the high retention rate it has. A good retention rate is reflected in sales because employees are happy with their workplace, and as a result they treat customers the way they should. A great amount of communication exist between top management, and frontline employees to meet the goals and objectives established by the company. Employees always have in their mind that the customer is first, no matter what.
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