Zappos Recruitment Policy

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Zappos Recruitment
Brian Hains
Kaplan University


● Select a recruitment policy that might best fit the culture of Zappos. Why is this policy a good fit for the organization? What might be the impact of the recruitment policy on the organization?
The new recruiting “ No job postings” website is truly unique.
First off, you have to give the Zappos team credit for eliminating anything in recruiting, because we have a long history in recruiting of adding but never subtracting approaches.
The new talent community declares the end to job postings and the painful transaction between applying for a specific job and getting a cold rejection. It further offers the opportunity to become “a corporate insider,” where you join the
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Senior human resources manager Christa Foley says one of her favorite questions is “What’s the biggest misperception people typically have about you?” She uses the question to identify candidates who are sincere and honest. Besides traditional interview questions, Zappos has some unconventional ways to learn about candidates. One of the company’s values is “Be humble.” To gauge humility, HR directors talk to someone candidates didn’t know they were supposed to impress: the drivers of the shuttle buses that bring candidates to the company’s offices. The HR directors find out whether the candidates treated the driver with respect; if not, the candidate is eliminated from consideration. Another value is creativity and open-mindedness. To test for this, the interviewer gives candidates a mockup of a newspaper and asks how many photos it contains. On one page of the newspaper, a headline states the answer. The assumption is that people who are open-minded will be paying attention and notice the headline. The recruiting team also goes to lunch with the candidates and observes how they interact with other people. The Zappos environment is loud, lively, and sociable, so candidates who are a good cultural fit are likely to be engaged with others during the meal.
After this process is over, about one-tenth of the candidates receive a job offer from Zappos. As one final check of cultural fit, these new employees are offered $3,000 to

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