Zappos, an Electronic Commerce Information System

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As times evolve, so do the tools businesses use to keep up with the competition. One tool widely used is an information system. Such a system allows businesses to input process and store information. is one of the many businesses that use an information system.
The system that uses is an electronic commerce information system. This system allows to provide great customer service, which is the company's mission. Many employees are needed to run the different components of the electronic commerce information system, some employees are new and others are seasoned workers. There are managers that train and oversee the production and service provided by employees.
The electronic commerce information
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Once the merchandise has been selected, another department is in charge of taking pictures and preparing information that the customers can see and read when they access the website. After a customer picks out merchandise, a department oversees the processing of the payment and the shipping of the merchandise to the customer. Should there be any issues or concerns, a customer service department is available to assist customers.

Inputs, Outputs, and Organizational Usage
Webpage is divided up into different sections. Employees enter information such as sizing charts, or lists of brands. Other sections include house wares, beauty, and handbags. Employees are in charge of developing and maintaining these different sections.
An information system calculates and predicts growing trends. Reports are analyzed to determine the merchandise that will be purchased. Once merchandise is purchased, pictures and descriptions of items are entered into a system to be displayed online. The quantity of merchandise is also imputed to provide accurate information of available merchandise.
Customers view different merchandise online. Once they decide to purchase an item, they must input various information. The first step is usually to indicate the quantity and size of the merchandise. Second, customers enter or create their login information. Third,

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