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Supply Chain Management – Case Assignment 2 Guidelines for submission The questions in this document should be answered for the Zara case, which can be found on pages 267 – 279 of the text book. The questions on page 294 should NOT be answered. Please keep your answers concise and to the point. Include the numbering of the questions. You are allowed to use bullet points. Use MS Word, 12 point font size, standard margins for A4 paper. Start the document with your student number and name on the first line. On the second line place a declaration: "This is my original work and not a copy of someone else 's work". Make your answers in text form; do not use tables, figures or logos. Also do not reproduce the assignment questions in your…show more content…
Motivate your answer. b) Are other companies in the apparel industry using a push-based, pull-based, or push-pull based supply chain system? Motivate your answer. 4. a) Give five distinct advantages of insourcing over offshoring in the apparel industry. b) Give two distinct advantages of offshoring over insourcing in the apparel industry. 5. a) Which mode(s) of sourcing is (are) used by Zara? Motivate your answer. b) For each mode of sourcing that Zara uses (as indicated by your answer to Question 5a), explain why they have chosen this mode, and also indicate when Zara uses it and for which types of items. c) Do other companies in the apparel industry use the same mode(s) of sourcing in a similar fashion? If not, mention the differences in the mode(s) of sourcing used by the competitors of Zara. d) Explain how the mode(s) of sourcing used by Zara has (have) an impact on their supply chain performance in comparison to the performance of their competitors. 6. Take a closer look at the geographic location of Zara’s main production facilities and distribution center. a) Explain why Zara located the majority of their logistics activities in Galicia. b) What is the main disadvantage for Zara to be located in Galicia when you consider the activities in their supply chain? 7. a) Which type of distribution strategy is used by Zara? Motivate your answer. b) How does this
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