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Introduction: Zara clothing is Spanish based Inditex Group, and launched in the year of 1975. The contribution of sales of Zara clothing is about 63.8% in the group's whole sales of the previous financial year. Zara clothing has two major divisions for the product: apparels of men's and women's. Zara is known for its more innovative designs around the whole World; and each of the clothing line has of the following sections: Upper and the Lower Garment, Cosmetics, shoes and Complements. The Kid's clothing is consists in Zara's catalogue as very well. Zara is commonly integrated retailers which can designs, and produces and also distributes. The companies can mostly deals with the chain of supply, unlike the other kind of competitor retailers of the very same market; around the half of the Zara clothing products are can be produced in Spain, and one third in the rest of the Europe, and some in the Asian countries and the rest of the whole world. ZARA has about 1,608 stores and also has 213 kids stores of ZARA are in about 74 countries. So while the competitors go to the Asia for the production of outsource, Zara can makes the most of its very fashionable items and can distributes them to its own stores placed in all the very major cities around the whole World. At the average of the Zara clothing store has…show more content…
In my own point of view the Zara should now create its own marketing and IT department and should introduce an online marketing campaign through the search engine optimization and the social networking websites like twitter, facebook, and bebo etc. Email marketing is another very high reliable and the reachable idea to convey the whole message to the maximum number of consumers in no time. The list of the emails can also be used to maintain the customers to update with the latest offers in the

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