Zara Is A Non Domestic Retailer Company Essay

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Analysis of Zara


Zara is a non-domestic retailer company that offers a wide array of clothing for young adults, children men, and women. The first company store was opened in 1975 in the nation of Spain. However, it has been able to expand its operation in other countries such as United Kingdom, India, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. Zara has been able to maintain its position in the fashion market which is highly competitive as a result of its constant and latest change in trend. The apparel market is usually driven by the consumer (Zara Website). Based on the fact that new technologies and globalization have availed to the customer enhanced and improved access to fashion, the core objective of any organization that is competing in the industries depends on the meeting the needs of the consumers. As such, Zara has focused its attempts on the evolving and developing consumer-oriented product lines as it strives in meeting the needs of customers of different income and age. The middle-aged parents purchase clothes at the retail stores because they are cheap while the children purchase merchandise from the stores for it is trendy and fashionable. The company has a wide array of clothing and product lines as per the market needs. The company has a distinct fashion approach and constant response to the ever-evolving trends. The objective of Zara is relation to combining low prices and fashion, adapting and interpreting the
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