Zara Is An Apparel Manufacturing Company

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Introduction, A company’s success in the market has to be marked by how the company does its activities, handles the market and how it values or focuses on having a good future. Many companies are successful in the market, for instance, Zara, IKEA, Dell, and Zipcare among many. However, the innovativeness of the company matters in its success level. Different companies apply different principles in their supply chain, and their logistic management strategies are different. The associated differences market their differences in the level of being successful in the market. The business model, competitive advantage, success strategies associated with lowering prices, advanced technology, and quality are among the success factors that enable companies to be successful in the market. Zara is an apparel manufacturing company located in Coruna in North Western Spain. Zara is a widely known company because of its unique operation in the market through its success factors, which enable it to outdo its rivals. This paper seeks to explore a case of Zara Company and the available issues. The paper reports on its success factors in comparison with Dell Company in the market. The paper draws a conclusion of the argument and makes recommendations regarding success in the market. Zara’s case Zara Company is identified to be very successful in the market because of the support from its supply chain. Zara produces its products at a very high speed to meet the market demand, and its designers

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