Zara: It for Fast Fashion

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I. Executive Summary Zara produces of-the-moment fashion and has developed a very successful vertically integrated company which can design, manufacture, and distribute garments to retail stores in as little as three weeks. Zara 's target market is comprised of urban, fashion-conscious consumers who shop frequently for the latest trends. Currently under debate is a proposed upgrade to the POS system throughout the Zara chain. With over 550 stores, this would be a huge undertaking for Inditex, Zara’s parent company. The current DOS-based system meets the needs of the company, and despite some of the benefits of upgrading, we feel it is best to continue with the current system in place. Zara’s POS system runs on DOS, which hasn 't been…show more content…
III. Problems & Discussion Problem 1: The POS terminals used by Zara run on DOS. Microsoft’s DOS program was launched in 1981 and was a widely used operating system for personal computers until 1985, when Microsoft launched the Windows operating system to replace DOS. This upgrade in technology continues today with several different versions of Microsoft operating systems available and dominating the PC market. Zara, with all of its forward thinking and vertical integration, has always used DOS to run its POS terminals. The company has internally developed the POS application and sees it as an effective system that is easy to maintain. With years of experience, Zara has perfected the use of DOS and incurs little to no issues with its IT structure. When opening new stores, Zara is able to send the store manager a box containing a POS terminal and two floppy disks, which is all it takes to roll out their system. However, little to minor IT problems do not counter the fact that Intidex, and Zara specifically, are growing at a tremendous clip. This growth is being built atop an archaic system that one day might no longer be supported by Zara’s current hardware vendor. Even though Zara is the vendor’s best customer and has been told that the vendor would continue to make the machines that can run DOS, Zara has not been able to receive any assurances on their contract with the vendor guaranteeing such.

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