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10 ZARA: IT for Fast Fashion 10 ZARA: IT for Fast Fashion Zara: IT for Fast Fashion Executive Summary This concise summary will introduce and also, briefly, analyze and summarize the case at hand: Zara: IT for Fast Fashion and the issues Mr. Salgado and Mr. Sanchez are facing alongside the rest of Zara and Inditex’s management. The problems introduced are all major concerns that are currently affecting or risking to potentially affect the company in the future. These include issues with the current operating system and point-of-sale systems the company operates. They provide limited visibility throughout inventory levels resulting in customer and employee dissatisfaction alongside inefficient time consumption due to…show more content…
Keeping in mind that part of Zara and Inditex’s strategy is to give ordering power to the store manager, Zara needs to simplify the process for all involved while not taking control away from the manager. Currently, store managers and employees need to use their PDA, which has a small screen and can be difficult to type on. Employees in charge of their designated section of the store are to compile a list of items that need to be ordered. This order is then transmitted to the manager who combines the list, double checks it and then sends it off to the head office. Not only is this all done on the PDA but it is done by a number of employees and must be done twice a week. With an improved system, this process could be streamlined so it is not only less labour intensive but also more accurate in terms of numbers ordered. Limiting numbers ordered can be very important in an organization that tries to limit their inventory. Next is a similar problem with data transmissions that must be sent to head office on a daily basis. An employee must walk about with a disk to each POS location, collecting the day’s data, before finally combining the information on the machine that is connected via modem and sending it off to head office. This again is time consuming for the employees and is a process that could vastly benefit from drastic improvement. The last problem occurs when a customer

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